Three New Pieces of Advice

We’ve been working nonstop to put together the great advice we’ve been getting from educators, policy makers, teachers and perhaps from you!  Listen to three new pieces . . .

Margaret Spellings is a name you recognize. She’s the current Secretary of Education and was previously Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy to President Bush. We caught up with her at the Republican National Convention.


Amy Wilkins is a principal partner at The Education Trust, a DC-based, independent nonprofit organization devoted to reform in K-12 education. We talked with her at the Democratic National Convention.


Ben Jackson is an English teacher at Bruce Randolph School in Denver, Colorado.  We caught up with him at the Democratic National Convention.


Stay tuned for upcoming podcasts featuring Newt Gingrich, Mayor Cory Booker, Mayor Adrian Fenty, Deborah Meier, Bob Compton, the producer of Two Million Minutes, and more.


3 Responses to Three New Pieces of Advice

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