Have education advice for the next President?

August 29, 2008

The election is coming up. What would you like to see the next President–Obama or McCain–do about public education? Suppose he, or somone close to him, asked you for your advice? What would you say?

Well, here’s the next best thing: WE want your advice. Post it and we may call you and ask you to record it for one of our podcasts in the series.

We can’t guarantee that the candidates are listening, but we do know that about 20,000 education junkies (like you!) are. Post your advice today!


At the Democratic National Convention

August 26, 2008

On the eve of the DNC, dozens of the nation’s top education reformers got together to take part in “Ed Challenge for Change,” an event sponsored by Democrats for Education Reform and 40 other groups interested in reforming public education.

In front of an enthusiastic audience of about 500 delegates and others, Learning Matters President John Merrow moderated a panel with Mayors Adrian Fenty and Cory Booker of DC and Newark, respectively; NYC Schools Chancellor Joel Klein; former LA Superintendent Roy Romer, and the President of the Colorado Senate. It was lively, to put it mildly. (Some have even called it inspirational!)

After listening to panelists bemoan the obstacles to change, he asked them to name names. “Exactly who is standing in the way?” “Who benefits from mediocre schools?” That led to some union-bashing, but finally the list expanded to include school boards and other special interests.

Panelists also shared their education advice for the next President. And after the panel, John went around, tape recorder in hand, and asked that same question of a dozen or so thoughtful men and women. We’ll be doing that at the Republican convention as well, and the answers will form the basis for this new series of podcasts.